Tips to write Collapsing a Core Story

We, we are just glad to accompany you here and on all your other adventures. When we say we are very pleased we mean “fair” meaning very, we mean only in the sense only. In other words, there is no other experience with you over excitement, joy, excitement. We do not feel discontented, impatient, disillusioned, displeased, or empathetic in being your partners. However, we see many times that you assume or expect half of what we do. So we start here by telling you that the only experience we have as partners is that which provokes suspense, excitement or joy.


The first aspect of this important thing for you is about your deep stories about what it’s like to be with you. The second important aspect of this opening sentence is about adventure, suspense and excitement. We will return to that later.


Celebrate your inner work place


The first aspect we raise is a direct response to why you are here – both of the main reasons. This is not entirely new or surprising to you, but today we can put it to you very clearly and very wonderful. Before you do that, please come back with us for a minute so you can celebrate the fact that you are here.


There are many people who will never give any kind of permits in this life that will make them a place to identify and end a fundamental slow and steady wins the race expansion. It is the day of rejoicing when you open and open, heal and heal, learn and learn, be willing and willing, to reach the point where one of your basic beliefs can emerge. It does not happen to many people. Not because they are unlucky, but because all that is required to bring out a fundamental or institutional story is enormous.


The amount of permission required to get here is equivalent to the amount of permission required to master a musical instrument, to succeed in sports, or to obtain a difficult degree. Internal work does not have a lot of measurements and ratings. There are no ceremonies where you are honored, you are called out of the room, and you are presented with an award for excellent work in self-knowledge and healing. There are no degrees for this. In fact, for most of you, one soul will not know another the extent to which you gave permission to open it and leave it.


Thus, often because this work does not have an external reward system, it often reduces its value compared to what other people invest. What’s more, not only your evaluation of him compared to other achievements, as you ask also has been done at all. We understand this.


But today we need to go back a bit and assure you that every ounce of investment you have made in your self-awareness, healing and joy has been recorded, and I felt that it did not just move to your existence but to your whole being to a small degree different from what could otherwise be. We invite you to hear us in this regard. Of course, we can not impose this, but we strongly stress today that the way you think about your personal work, the way you speak, the degree of ownership and vision, will determine what your value will be.


So we offer you an understanding today that in the same way people invest for years, years and years in a savings account, in a child or in a project, and growth is sometimes constant and sometimes increasing, not always as fast as you want, there is a turning point. There is a turning point in every endeavor, no matter what it may be, in which the normal human ear has been invested. There is no exception to this.


We therefore encourage you to remember, and more respectfully, all the investment you have made in your own freedom and your own joy. We understand that some books and teachers are inadvertently suggesting that on this trip it will cause A in B and will go quickly. But it is not. It is not so on any trip, and certainly not internally. You can not insist on a particular result after reading a particular book or engaging in a particular process, a certain time. It’s not so much what you do, but the permission you make while doing so, over and over again. It has shown remarkable continuity, commitment and interest.