The Most Important 20 Different Steel in Valve Industry

The Most Important 20 Different Steel in Valve Industry

Steel is mostly used in building, structure, and even valve industry. Steel can be a material of making automotive industry, valve industry, and many more. The material is usually used because it has same and stronger quality in valve industry. That is why you’ll find that products of needle valve of Kp-Lok  are made of steel. The steel consists of different types forming and combining valve products. Do you want to know the most important 20 different steel in valve industry? Let’s find it out.

What Is Steel Needle Valve?

Needle valve is a device managing and controlling flow of fluid by opening, closing, or hampering the way of the flow. It is not only controlling fluid, but it is isolating piping system for maintenance related to the others. The design of needle valve must consider pressure, temperature, and support from the relationship of piping and obstacles. The needle valves are made of different steel materials based on every type.

There are actually some kinds of valve mostly used. The first one is gate valve. It is used for moving up and down to open and close. Secondly, it is globe valve used for managing the flow of fluid in a line. Butterfly valve is another type of valve divided into two designs concentric and eccentric. Ball valve and plug valve become the next types of valve. Check valve is functioning to flow fluid to one direction.

The Packing Material of Needle Valve

Packing material of needle valve must be made of the best and strong materials. Steel is a recommended material to cover needle valve.  Brass can be used for packing material of needle valve used for under 450˚F. Iron is another packing material for small valve. Stainless steel is a material used for valve requiring low temperature. Meanwhile, steel is mostly used for a valve product requiring high temperature and pressure. Steel valve is mostly found in industrial factories to flow liquid materials. Find it out at the website.

Types of Different Steel in Valve Industry

There are some types of different steel used in valve industry. The steel is chosen due to its durability and strength. What are the types of most important different steel in valve industry? You can find it at KP-LOK. Carbon steel is differentiated to be low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and high carbon steel. Low carbon steel is usually used for car body, building structures, pipe, bolts, chain, and bridge. Medium carbon steel is made for car wheel, rail, boilers, and screwdriver. High carbon steel is used for making screwdriver, knife, saw, and carpentry tools.

Alloy steel is made of iron and carbon but it is given additional materials to make it. There are some types of alloy steel. Those are special alloy steel and high speed steel. Special steel is closer, stronger, and tenacious. High speed steel is a material for creating cutting tools. Steel is corrosion resistant, magnetic steel, non – magnetic steel, and durable. Those are some types of most important 20 different steel in valve industry.

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