Repair Rolex Watches| See a Full Guide About World’s Most Precious Watch in the History

If you have owned a Rolex watch in your life, chances are you need to repair rolex whether or not. Usually, Rolex is crafted from most exquisite materials, all the piece of a watch is machine cut/hand-made individually and assembled by all artful craftsmen. All of the design, machine development, and production are maintain in-house following the most exact standards. Anyone will appreciate all the detail works of inside and outside of Rolex. Especially if you see one or two vintage models, you will know what old craftsmanship of Rolex could be.

Repair Rolex Watches From Anywhere in the World

Yes, you heard right, the Rolex watch can be repairable from any part of the world where Rolex’s office service centres are located. This brand maintains a huge network worldwide to provide genuine repair service to its customers. All the major countries of six continents are included in the network. All you need is find an official site ( of Rolex and enter your location to find the nearby store of repair Rolex.

Besides, there is other options to fix your precious timepiece. Many other service centres repair Rolex at different costs in the minimum period. I will suggest looking for a service shop consisting accredited experts has a reputation for repairing Rolex watches for at least ten years.

What should you expect from a service centre for repair Rolex?

Rolex repairment may include various work of service in different service cost and time. You will get services like the battery, dial, glass replacement or change and other additional services. Such as,

Rolex Full Service

When your watch stopped working by extra pressure, temperature or anything unusual but the still in one piece, unbroken; full service is best to consider. In this service, the watch is completely stripped and cleaned using high-quality machinery. And finally, a water pressure test is ran.

Rolex Partial Service

In case of wrong reading or slow work of dials partial service will work well. It includes light cleaning, battery replacement, water pressure test (optional).

Rolex Dial Restoration

Old watches may need to changes its dial. Wheather or not you can’t have original dial always even on genuine Rolex service centre if its vintage or discontinues. Most cases, repair centres provide original dial after removing the old one. But if not, they restore a closest one to the original. I think its ok to have a different colour or design of dial for an old watch as long as it matches to the design. However, you have to wait for completing the whole process for at least three weeks, because that it takes to complete.

Rolex Bracelet Repair

What type of bracelet are you have, white/yellow gold, steel, platinum or combination? Depends on the kind you will get all genuine Rolex bracelet in any reputed repairing centre.

Case Polishing & Valeting/Refurbishment

Case polishing and valeting demands both skill and art especially on Rolex. That’s why, give your precious timepiece only on an experienced hand for refurbishment service. Engraving, polishing could be either hand or machine, but it has to be 10 on 10. Current days, maximum repair centre uses leaser machine to meet your expectation of fine work.

Rolex Battery Replacement

To brought back your watch its need to install a new battery. In the Rolex centre, you get a genuine factory made Rolex batteries. On other centres it might be the original one or swiss replacement batteries are installed. After every battery replacement, a water pressure test would run on waterproof watches. A fitness seal is put after that. Battery replacement takes 10-20 min in maximum cases.

Rolex New Glass Replacement

Your favourite Rolex can be badly damaged in an accident. If the glass is only broken, repair centre can provide the same size high-quality glass for the timepiece.

A man wearing a Rolex watch definitely have a high sense of passion and fashion indeed. Rolex is a part of your elegance, infect its an identity of class and status itself. But still, there could be a time you may want to (we hope not!) sell your Rolex. Many Rolex users do this more or less once in his lifetime. Wondering why you want to sell a valuable and branded watch like Rolex? Becuase,

  • Upgrading your style- The main reason for selling an old watch of this brand is grabbing the latest one. Afterall, Rolex offers new design, features and style in a flow to offers the best of best to its customers. Its simple to have a desire for lates timepiece creation at your range.

  • Get the best returns on your investment- You might be aware that Rolex is a significant investment which can returns you a handsome sum profit always during sell. A second-hand well condition watch of this brand can earn from 1500 to 15000 pound easily. So, its normal to sell a watch to make an additional profit.

  • Shifting To Other Brands- Another cause of selling the watch is moving other brands to explore new style and features of a watch. You may be gifted the same model of Rolex that you already have or used to have it. So it’s a good idea to sell that one and get another model of the same or different brand. Also, you’re free to change or shift another brand in order to meet your needs.

Final Words

Rolex is the highest rated, expensive and sophisticated brand name in the world. So, you need the best service from the best Rolex repairing centre which not only offers fast and reliable service but also in the best deal. The repaying cost estimation and time should give by a service provided free of cost. Even, they will mention ins written or verbally whether they use the original part or not. So, see that they offer, discuss about your problem, and requirements and most important always go for genuine Rolex parts to repair rolex even it will cost you a little more extra.