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April fool’ day 2019: wishes, funny messages, english, April fool’s day is also known as all fool’s day, this occasion is celebrated across the globe. here’s a list of special wishes, jokes and whatsapp status you can share with your friends and family!. 99+ whatsapp status { special 2019 } | whatsapp status, Best whatsapp status & cool status for whatsapp to make someone smile. we have whatsapp status quotes, whatsapp status. Top 100 funny crazy whatsapp status english – , Short crazy status in english, best crazy whatsapp status, crazy status for whatsapp, crazy status messages updates, funny crazy status, status for crazy friends.

Funny Whatsapp Status

1) Math : Mental Abuse To Humans

2) Time Is Precious. Waste It Wisely.

3) I’M Great In Bed. I Can Sleep For Days.

4) Lazy Rule : Can’T Reach It. Don’T Need It.

5) Never Give Up On Your Dreams. Keep Sleeping.

6) Be Strong I Whispered To My Wifi Signal.

7) Women May Not Hit Harder. But They Hit Lower.

8) Nobody Texts Faster Than A Pissed Off Female.

9) With Great Power Comes Great Electricity Bill. ( Funny Whatsapp Status )

10) Dear Karma, I Have A List Of People You Missed.

11) I Can’T Taste My Lips. Could You Do It For Me ?

12) If Stress Burned Calories, I’D Be A Supermodel.

13) Don’t Make Me Laugh. I’M Trying To Be Mad At You.

14) Life Is Short. Smile While You Still Have Teeth.

15) Be Warned : I’M Bored. This Could Get Dangerous.

16) I Am Brilliant Brunette With Lots Of Blond Moments.

17) Interrupt My Sleep & I’Ll Interrupt Your Breathing.

18) I Will Marry A Girl Who Looks Pretty In Aadhaar Card.

19) As Usual, There Is A Great Woman Behind Every Idiot.

20) There’S Always A Person That You Hate For No Reason. ( Funny Status for Whatsapp )

21) Life Is Full Of Questions. Idiots Are Full Of Answers.

22) My Boss Told Me To Have A Good Day….So I Went Home.

23) When Life Gives You Lemons, Squirt Someone In The Eye.

24) Kiss Me If I’M Wrong But Dinosaurs Still Exist Right ?

25) I’ Not Hungry. But I Am Bored. Therefore, I Shall Eat.

26) Marriage Is A Workshop Where Husband Works & Wife Shops.

27) If You Tickle Me, I’M Not Responsible For Your Injuries. ( Funny Quotes )

28) Zombies Are Looking For Brain. Don’T Sorry. You Are Safe.

29) Please God If You Can’T Make Me Slim. Make My Friends Fat.

30) My Mom Said ” Follow Your Dreams “, So I Went Back To Bed.

31) Q Quite Man Is A Thinking Man. A Quite Woman Is Usually Mad.

32) The Four Words A Girl Most Wants To Hear. I Bought You Food.

33) I Love My Six Pack So Much. I Protect It With A Layer Of Fat. ( Funny Whatsapp Status )

34) If Women Could Read Minds, Every Second Man Will Get Slapped.

35) I Don’T Have A Bucket List But My Fucket List Is A Mile Long.

36) An Apple A Day Keeps Anyone Away, If You Throw It Hard Enough.

37) It’S Better To Be Absolutely Ridiculous Than Absolutely Boring

38) You Don’T Have To Be Crazy To Hang Out With Me. I’Ll Train You.

39) Oh! I Am Sorry. I Forgot. I Only Exist When You Need Something.

40) I Won’T Be Impressed With Technology Until I Can Download Food.

41) If I Had A Dollar For Every Smart Thing You’Ve Said I’D Be Poor. ( Funny Whatsapp Status )

42) I Will Slap You So Hard That Even Google Won’T Able To Find You.

43) I’M Going To Stand Outside. So If Anyone Asks, I Am Outstanding.

44) If People Are Talking About You Behind Your Back, Then Just Fart.

45) Remember If We Get Caught, You Are Deaf And I Don’T Speak English.

46) I Am Currently Experiencing Life At The Rate Of 15 Wtf’S Every Hours.

47) Dear I Know We Had Problems When I Was Younger….But I Love You Now.

48) All My Life I Thought Air Was Free….Untill I Bought A Bag Of Chips.

49) Marriage Lets You Annoy One Special Person For The Rest Of Your Life.

50) I’Ll Be Back In 5 Minutes But If I’M Not Just Read This Message Again.

51) Sometimes You Just Want To Throw Fertilizer At People So They Grow Up.

52) When I Was A Kid I Used To Think The Moon Followed Our Car Everywhere.

53) If Each Day Is A Gift, I Would Like To Know Where I Can Return Mondays.

54) If You Say You’Re Cooler Than Me….Does That Make Me Hotter Than You ?

55) My Room Is Not Messy, It Is An Obstacle Course Designed To Keep Me Fit. ( Funny Whatsapp Status )

56) Sleeping Is My Drug. My Bed Is My Dealer & My Alarm Clock Is The Police.

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